Geshev Automation assists its clients to be technologically competitive in the conditions of dynamically developing markets. The services provided by us may be divided into three main categories. 

Development and introduction of new technological processes

The development of new technologies and the equipment necessary for its industrial application is a serious challenge for any design bureau. We are ready to take in such projects as a big number of successful developments during the years reassure us in our ability to turn a good idea into a successful product, but not a risky task with uncertain end. 

The possibility that the development of a new technological process may end with a patent provides to our clients a market advantage and assists for the build-up of their good will. 

Optimization of existing technological processes 

Our experience suggests that the efficiency of the existing technological equipment may be raised by innovative automation solutions along with not big investments. In some cases
the raise of efficiency reaches up to 100% of the design output of the main equipment. 


The work as consultants is a new activity for us imposed by the market. An enormous advantage for our clients is the possibility to use our scientific expertise and reach practical expertise in taking important decisions for the development of the technological part of their business. The expert opinion of Geshev Automation gives assurance of our clients that they will invest their resources with maximum efficiency.